Reviews from Trilingo users


I was having a lot of problem communicating with my 5 year old grand daughter because CCE was her first language, and because she was just learning CCE I decided to use Triilingo to learn CCE language. I am really enjoying it, easy lectures and I am really happy that I get to play and learn new language at the same time. – shffo123

I felt that now days CCE language is becoming more and more important. I experienced miscommunications from my workplace, and I currently experienced miscommunication with my son, because he just started to learn CCE at school. After I start to learn CCE with Trilingo, I get to talk with my son more and I love how my son actually love this program. I like how he enjoys to learn CCE. Great job Trilingo! – trilingou9982

I am now 63 years old and it is really a pain in the butt to learn new language. I have tried different products and they were all too difficult to learn and they were boring because they were all asking to write and memorize them over and over again. One thing that I really like about Trilingo is that they offer you songs with CCE lyrics. I just play them while I take a nap and while I go out for a walk.. and I found myself that I am actually learning at the same time. – ben0000

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